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1906 Baldwin Upright Grand - Full Restoration
Original perfect ivories, soundboard, and amazing design detail add to all new strings, tuning pins, hammers, felts and refinish. This piano will be like new when complete.
(click here for project photo album)  Nelson Family, Boise, Idaho





1896 Bell Piano Co. Upright Grand - Full Restoration
This is a very ornate piano.  It is getting a new tuning pin block, new tuning pins, new strings and is being refinished.
(click here for project photo album)   SW Boise Family





1947 Conover 41" Console Piano - Action Restoration
Project included replacement of 4 sets (352pcs) of crumbling plastic parts with wood parts.  Piano has a nice set of ivory keytops, facinating case style, & center open bench.
(click here for project photo album),    Boise. Idaho Family





1920 Starck 57" Player Piano - Player Action Restoration
Cleaned the mouse nests out of the bottom of this piano, repaired broken hammer
and broken ivories, cleaned the dirt off of the action and restored the player action
to working condition.  
(click here for project photo album),  Meridian, Idaho



1923 Gulbransen Player Piano s/n 187032
Player Action Restoration - (MORE PICTURES OF PROJECT)  
For Caldwell, Idaho Family