1947 Conover 40 1/2" Console Piano, Made in USA,  Mahogany finish,  Matching bench, Nice Ivory keytops.  New Pedals.  Unique Cabinet & Bench.  Bench folds open from Center.








Action Removed


Disassembly of Action.  Plasic hammer hinges are being replaced with wooden hinges.


The old 1940s & 50s plastic parts in pianos are rotten now and must be replaced.  They crumble & break.


The whippens have been removed.  Plastic hinges, jacks, and back checks are being changed to wood parts.


Plastic pats that are being removed.


Wooden parts being installed. 


Every hinge gets a new hinge pin.  Hinge bushings must be reamed to exact size to eliminate sluggishness.