Piano Age - Age Of Piano


The age of your piano is determined mainly from its serial number.  You may be able to find information about the age of your piano from the links below.  The serial numbers for pianos are usually at least 5 numbers long.  Some older piano have 4 digits.  Many of the newer pianos have a very long combination of numbers and letters.

Some of the manufacturers stopped listing serial numbers with age of their pianos on the internet because there were too many variables and so they prefer that you contact them by email now.


The serial number for most vertical pianos is above the strings inside the piano.
Some vertical piano numbers are on the back of the piano.


The serial number for most grand pianos is usually between the front of the piano and the tuning pins.
Some grand piano numbers are stamped into the soundboard


https://bluebookofpianos.com/pianoage.html  (Some serial numbers are shown)


https://www.pianoworld.com/gulbransen.htm  (Gulbransen Serial Numbers)

https://www.pianoatlas.com/atlas.html  (This is the book all technicians use to find age for you)

https://usa.yamaha.com/support/finding_age_of_yamaha_piano/  Yamaha Piano Serial Numbers

https://usa.yamaha.com/support/finding_age_of_everett_piano/  Everett Piano Serial Numbers

Not all pianos serial numbers show in the various directories.  But if they do it is fun knowing the age of your piano.