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Antique Upright Pianos

The tallest pianos manufactured today are 52".  Many of the older upright pianos range in size from 48" to over 58" tall.  They haven't made these old upright pianos since the late 1920s.  Their value of course depends on their ability to perform.  It is very difficult to find a shorter piano made today that will compete with the full tone of these old uprights. A fully restored upright piano is an amazing instrument.  The cost of restoration ranges from $10,000 to $50,000.

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Tallest Upright Pianos Sold Today
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Example - 52" tall Hailun U5    = $12,450 
xample - 52" tall Baldwin B252 $14,000
Example - 52" tall Yamaha U3  = $14,500
Example - 58" tall Blunther "S" = $65,000
Example - 52" tall Bosendorfer  = $76,950


1904 Hamilton 56" Walnut Upright Piano #32845


Price $1750   Currently On Sale $1550

New 88 Note Weighted Key Digital Piano with Sustain
Free Local Standard Delivery
Includes Bench and Head Phones



1885 Ivers and Pond 58" Upright Piano s/n 3518

Mahogany, Ivory keys. Original finish. 3 keys at left end don't work.

$    950   Tuned but not up to modern pitch - sounds amazing!
$  3500   With new strings, new tuning pins, new damper felts
$12500   Total restoration, refinished exterior, new strings, new hammers.



1896 Bell Upright Piano s/n 7262, Toronto, Canada

Refinished Burl Walnut,
 New Strings, New Hammers, Original Ivory Keytops

$14500    SOLD - North Carolina            (More Pictures)




Mid 1800 Barrel Piano (Spanish Street Piano), Made in Spain

10 Song Barrell, New Strings, New Coat "Milk Paint", Nice Brass

$2450 - Original Soundboard
$4500 - Newly Retrofitted Soundboard



1912 Royal 55 1/2 inch Upright Piano, sn 34740, Made in USA
Walnut Finish, Plastic keytops. The piano is from HALFWAY SALOON at
Halfway Village, above Emmett across from Firebird Racetrack. 
I moved it from the saloon to my shop 31 March 2006. 
Saloon has since burned down and the entire village is gone.




1909 Antique Bellevue Upright Piano s/n 10211

Quarter Sawn White Oak

Price $2450     (Click Here - MORE PICTURES)

Reconditioned Piano - Work Completed
Major Treble Bridge Repairs - New Strings There
Reshaped Grooved Hammers
New Bridle Straps
Filed Chipped Ivory Keys
New Practice Mute Rail
Rebuilt Face Panel Auto Open Mechanism



1909 Richmond Upright Piano, s/n 82112, Made in USA, Mahogany.

57 5/8" Tall, 64 5/8" Long, 27" Deep. Missing Center Pedal, Big Rubber Casters. 

Price $750
Comes tuned up. We provide standard local delivery.



1921 Gulbransen 53" Upright Piano s/n 163772, Walnut

Converted player - No player parts.  Piano plays nicely.

(More Pictures)



1894 Schubert Upright Piano sn 18818

Ornate piano from before the turn of the century.  In amazing condition

Price $1000     Click here - MORE PICTURES


1907 Huntington 54" Upright Piano s/n 26685, No Bench

Tiger Oak, New keytops and new coat of finish on black keys, 
Practice mute.  Refurbished action.  Tuned up and ready to go.

Price $1850 




1887 Vose and Sons, Boston, 59" Upright, sn 2171176, Boston

Mahogany, Ivory Keys. Copper/Steel bass strings, Open latice face. 
High quality brand name piano. Nice tone.

Price $2500


1908 Kingsbury Upright Piano

Walnut, Ornate case. New Keytops.

Price $1150



1907 Meister 57 inch tall Upright Piano sn 102958

Ribbon Mahogany, New Keytops 

Price $1250
        (Click here - MORE PICTURES)




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Our used piano warranty for pianos owned by Pianos N Things Music and with sales price more than $750 includes parts and labor on all piano strings and action parts breakage only for local area listed above.

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