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Antique Player Pianos For Sale

1913 Eilers Upright Player Piano, sn 48622, Mahogany
These pianos were made in Portland, San Francisco, Seattle

Exterior was REFINISHED in 1999
Player action was REBUILT in 1999
Price $4950      (More Pictures)   Comes with 20 song rolls


1925 Schriver and Sons Player Piano sn 193008, Walnut
 (click here for MORE PICTURES)
This piano was made by Brinkerhoff Piano Co with Schultz Player.

Price $1000   -  Tuned up as is. 
Price $4950   - 
After player action is rebuilt


1922 Warfield Player Piano, By Waltham, sn 65256, Milwaukee
(More Pictures - click here), Original ivory and ebony keytops, Walnut finish.
Price $  950    -  Tuned up as is.   
Price $4950    -  Player Rebuilt



1926 Brewster 53 inch Player Piano s/n 186629,
Made in USA, Brown Mahogany finish, Very Nice Ivory Keys,
Player System was Rebuilt in the Past.
Price $ 1850 -  


1918 Armstrong Player Piano (This Piano is Currently in Las Vegas)
55 inch tall, Mahogany Finish, Nice Bench, Gorgeous Ivory Keys. Copper Bass Strings.
Original finish - nice sheen. Gorgeous Ivories, Amazing tone. Nice piano! 
Price $1950  Price Tuned Up As Is
Price $5500  Price includes player rebuild (original finish) - Includes 10 Song Rolls
Price $9500  Rebuilt Player, Refinished Exterior, New Strings, New Hammers


1920s Brinsmead, London Player Piano    MORE PICTURES
Price $950     Player parts do not operate. Piano itself works ok.

(See this piano 10-6:00 Thurs-Sun at the KOOP, Kings Rd/Garrity, Nampa)




1922 Holland 52 inch Player Piano, sn 38966,  Pretty walnut wood grain. Nice ivories,
Transposing Standard player action, Copper bass strings. Original Finish.  Foot pump only. 
$1250  - Tuned as is - Player action is not rebuilt 
$4950  - Wth rebuilt player action and refurbished piano action





1914 Gordon and Son New York, est 1845 54 inch Player Piano sn 39932,  Oak,  
Player is original and will not play until rebuilt.  Electric pump so it can play by itself.
Price $850    Tuned as is.   (Missing Ketops)
Price $4750  Price after player action is rebuilt 



1925 Hobart M Cable 52 inch Player Piano sn 82302,
  Quarter Sawn White Oak,  
This piano plays by hand. The player action needs to be rebuilt before it will play but all the parts are there.
Price $950     Tuned as is  
Price $4750   Player action is rebuilt




Belmore Player Piano, Tiger Oak, circa 1920-1928 (factory information is not clear today)

Price $1250  Tuned up as is.   
Price $4950  with rebuilt player action





1927 Aeolian Duo Art 55 inch Player Piano sn 84032
The piano plays normally by hand.  The player action needs to be rebuilt
before it will play but all the parts are there.  The keytops need some work.

Price $850   - Tuned up as is.    
Price $3850 -  with rebuilt player system


1914 Stroud Electric Reproducing Player Piano sn 42564.  Made in USA. 
There are no foot pumps in this type of piano.  It is electrically operated origin motor. 
This player does not operate but all parts are there.
Price $2250      (Untuned as is condition)



1924 Gulbransen Community Model Player Piano, sn 209695 Mahogany
Pin block came unglued from back posts - needs to be bolted back together
Price $500 - for parts, cabinet has been refinished.






1918 Weber, Aeolian, Duo Art 5 ft 8 inch Reproducing Grand Piano, sn 75336 
No Bench included.  The electric p
layer mechanism will operate after rebuild
(motor is good, bellows need to be recovered).
$  4500   As is condition
$  8500   Player rebuilt and new keytops, original finish 
$17,500  Completely restored (refinished, new strings, hammers, etc)




1917 Weber, Aeolian, Duo Art 5 ft 8 inch Reproducing Grand Piano, sn 52388
The reproducing piano plays an expression paper player piano roll without having to
pump by foot. This piano came to Boise from San Francisco.
Player mechanism will operate after rebuild (motor works fine, player bellows
need to be recovered).
$  4500   Tuned up as is.
$  8500   Player rebuilt and new keytops, original finish 
$15,750  Completely restored to like new condition 





Please Note:


Free delivery and 1 free in-home tuning offered for most pianos owned by Pianos N Things Music priced over $550 to local Idaho cities listed below.  We also sell pianos on consignment.  Consignment pianos may not include a free tuning and delivery. 


Our used piano warranty for pianos owned by Pianos N Things Music and with sales price over $550 includes parts and labor for local area listed above on all piano strings and action parts only.

Delivery and tuning fees may be applied to any piano depending on circumstances.
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