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We have included about 100 pictures in our Garden 2008 page.  For quicker loading of photos we have placed 12 pictures on each page below.

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We bought this part of our yard from the water company.  It was a road base gravel filled 1/4 acre parking lot for the water well pump house for the neighborhood.  They abandoned the well house and vacated the lot when United Water (Boise City Area Water Utility) bought the system, replaced it with city water lines from downtown, and placed meters in front of every home.  We work the soil a little deeper and attempt to soften it some every year.

We grew celery for the first time this year.  We bought starter plants and placed them about 10 June and they still did ok.  They should have been planted much earlier.  They were not as tender and mild flavored as that grown in the cool and more humid growing areas of the country but they are still real good for soups and spices.

23 August 2008
We picked almost all of the remaining Santa Rosa plums today and made fruit leather.  The peaches are just now ready to pick - perfect timing.  We try to hand some produce to everyone that comes for a visit. We are going to start making pumkin pie filling for snacks this week.  We'll never use all of the pumkins or squash anyway but we will sure try.



25 October 2008

The harvest is about over.  We picked all of the pumpkins and squash 10 October because we got our first major frost the night before and there would be heavy frost every night until today.  The weather may now warm up to near 70 during the day and 45+ at night for a while.



The soil even in the best part of the garden where we grew the potatoes is pretty heavy.  The "DUMBO" potato was 9" long and weighed 3 pounds.  The wings are up front so it looks like somethings flying (hard to see by picture).  I think the best smooth potatoes grow in sandy soil.


2 January 2009

The weather was in the 50s for a few days and the soil softened up.  So we dug 10 pounds of carrots.  They are crisp and delicious.  We also finished raking leaves under the fruit trees.  We will toss the leaves onto the row of carrots to help protect the carrots from freezing.  We should then be able to dig carrots through the rest of the winter months.  We cooked the last of the pumpkins and put the cooked "meat" in the freezer for future use in pies, cakes, cookies, etc.  We have over 20 large banana squash left in storage, 5 or 6 spaghetti squash and about a dozen butternut squash.  We cook a squash and then piece off of it like leftovers from the fridge.  When that is gone, we'll cook another one.