Belmore s/n 77470 player piano, oak


The whole piano is not totally tiger oak.  The top especially is not tiger ok but most parts are.

The wood veneer down around the front of the "toes" is a little beat up but still there.

Really tiger grain on key cover

 White water mark on the left end of top lid.  This will tone down with oil or over stain but will like still show some (not much but some) even with professional refinish

This is the face panel under keybed by foot pedals

The pedals have criss crossed toe buttons.

I took this picture because it doesn't have a glare at end but still shows key cover tiger grain

There are 4 or 5 chipped keys.  The keytops are plastic.

The hammers are pretty worn but would work ok.  The grooved felt is common in old pianos.
The grooves can be filed off and the hammers can be straightened.

This is a close up picture of the finish inside the key cover that shows crazing (checking) in the finiish.